Maximizing Safety and Efficiency with Underwater Drone Inspections for Panel Tanks per AWWA Guidelines

Panel tanks are used to store drinking water, wastewater, and other liquids, so it’s crucial that they be inspected thoroughly to ensure their integrity and efficiency. Given the critical nature of panel tank inspection, the use of underwater drone footage has emerged as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional processes.

In compliance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) recommendations, using underwater drones for a  panel tank inspection can lessen the dangers associated with restricted areas and increase the speed and precision of inspections.

Thus, underwater drone inspections have become a crucial tool for assuring the safety and dependability of FRP panel tanks, ultimately helping both the employees who maintain them and the people that depend on them for clean water.

Why Must You Adhere to AWWA Guidelines?

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) provides exhaustive design, operation, and maintenance recommendations for water systems. Conforming to AWWA standards is crucial for guaranteeing our water systems’ safety, dependability, and sustainability. By implementing these best practices, water system operators can protect public health and offer their consumers high-quality water.

Water treatment, distribution, and storage are among the key parts of water system operations covered by AWWA rules. These guidelines address a number of topics, such as water quality monitoring, disinfection, and corrosion prevention. By adhering to these recommendations, water system operators can ensure that they are employing best practices and meeting regulatory requirements.

In addition to providing technical direction, AWWA standards encourage uniformity throughout the water industry. This is especially crucial for public water systems serving big populations. By following AWWA rules, these systems can develop a framework for the management and distribution of water quality that is recognized and acknowledged by regulators, customers, and other stakeholders

AWWA Guidelines for Underwater Drone Inspections of Panel Tanks

Several AWWA standards and publications on water underground tank inspections and maintenance may be applicable to drone underwater inspections of panel tanks. These consist of the following:

AWWA D100-11: Welded Steel Water Storage Tanks

This standard sets minimum design, construction, inspection, and maintenance criteria for welded steel water storage tanks. It provides tank inspection, repair, and maintenance standards for underwater drone inspections.

AWWA M42: Steel Water-Storage Tanks AWWA M42

This guidebook details steel water storage tank design, construction, inspection, and maintenance. It covers tank inspection and maintenance, including intervals, methods, and repairs.

AWWA D121-12: Bolted Aboveground Thermosetting Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panel-Type Tanks for Water Storage

Bolted fiberglass-reinforced plastic water storage tanks must meet this standard’s design, construction, inspection, and maintenance criteria. Tank inspection, repair, and maintenance are covered, however, underwater drones for inspections are not.

AWWA M58: Internal Water Tank Inspection

This guidebook covers internal steel and concrete water tank inspections. It covers inspection methods, equipment, and safety, which may apply to underwater drone inspections.

Benefits of Meeting Underwater Drone Inspections for Panel Tanks per AWWA Guidelines

When conducted in accordance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) requirements, underwater drone inspections of panel tanks can provide a number of benefits for optimizing the safety and efficiency of water system operations. These advantages include the following:

1. Increased security

Inspections conducted by underwater drones can eliminate the need for divers to enter the tank, which can be a dangerous undertaking. By utilizing underwater drones, operators can reduce the dangers associated with restricted areas and underwater labor and eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming safety procedures.

2. Accurate and thorough inspections

Inspections by underwater drones can provide a more thorough and comprehensive view of the tank than conventional methods. Drones equipped with high-quality cameras and sensors may take exact photos and measurements of a tank’s state, enabling the identification of possible problems and areas of concern.

3. Reduced costs and time spent

Water system operators might realize cost savings due to the increased speed and efficiency of underwater drone inspections compared to conventional inspection methods. By decreasing downtime and lowering the need for additional equipment and staff, underwater drone inspections can assist in controlling maintenance and repair costs.

4. Observance of regulatory standards

In order to guarantee compliance with regulatory standards, AWWA rules demand periodic inspections of water storage tanks; underwater drone inspections can help achieve these criteria. By giving precise and comprehensive information on the status of the tank, operators may make maintenance and repair decisions in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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