About American Tanks

American Tanks Supplies, Installs & Maintains Industrial Storage Tanks & Tank Liners.

At American Tanks we are continuously committed to strengthening our partnerships with clients, striving to provide enhanced and more extensive services to all our esteemed customers.

Our goal is to establish a supply and servicing framework that consistently delivers universal user satisfaction without compromising on quality.

We pledge to maintain our pioneering position in the American Tanks, Liners, and Fire Protection Industry. We will continue to introduce new technologies to remain a competitive, efficient, and ethical supplier of American Panel Tanks and Liners for our valued clientele.

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What Exactly Do We Do?

Panel Tank Manufacturing, Supply & Installations

American Tanks manufacturers ship tank and liner products and transport and install custom modular design tanks to locations and markets all over America. Tanks requiring pressure must be custom-fabricated to extremely accurate specifics, with American Tanks Team having 20 + years in the business.

Our GRP Panel Tanks, Stainless Steel Panel Tanks, GFTS, and Hot Dip Galvanized Panel Tanks are all exceptional value for money, with American Tanks long-term solutions that are unmatched within our local industry.

Tank Inspections, Reporting, Maintenance, Repairs & Refurbishments

Waterproofing, restoration, component replacement, and high-pressure cleaning are just the beginning of our extensive tank maintenance services list. Once corrosion penetrates the steel surface, reconditioning and remedial efforts become exponentially more challenging.

American Tanks encourages preventive maintenance strategies such as regular cleaning, sludge removal, structural repairs, roof replacement, and more. We offer competitive warranties on all refurbishment and installation packages, offering you peace of mind that all your repairs will be of high quality.

We re-waterproof and re-line tanks within 14 days of your inquiry and follow an onsite tank inspection by a two-man inspection team.

Industrial Panel Tanks & Tank Liner Specialists.

At American Tanks, we’re 100% focused on delivering complete client satisfaction on all our tank, liner, inspection and maintenance services. We’re committed to sourcing and installing the most suitable materials and waterproofing products for your application from coast-to-coast and everywhere in between!

For the very best advice and solutions on rainwater harvesting and industrial liquid containment, be sure to drop us a line at our Contact page to discuss your circumstances.

Panel Tank Refurbishments & Tank Liner Installation

With a passion for panel tanks intertwined in our workmanship, American Tanks have evolved into a nationwide supplier of tanks and liner products, offering inspection and repair works across most American states.

Manufacturing bolted steel panel tanks for decades, American Tanks continues expanding its client base in all parts of America. Whether you’re rurally located or based within America’s major metropolitan areas, we can supply and deliver what you need wherever you are!

Stainless Steel & Hot Dip Galvanized Sectional Panel Tanks

We understand that every project is unique. Our team works closely with you to tailor the tank’s specifications to meet your project requirements.

Excellence in Water Storage with Stainless Steel & Hot Dip Galvanized Panel Tanks.

We are dedicated to revolutionizing water storage solutions with our Stainless Steel & Hot Dip Galvanized Panel Tanks.

With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental sustainability, we offer services that cater to your unique water storage needs.

Advanced Modular Tanks - GRP Panel Tank Specialists

Our high-performance glass reinforced plastic (GRP) tanks are built for enduring durability, offering top-notch structural resilience. They are meticulously designed to securely and consistently hold both potable and hazardous liquids.

These low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant tank storage solutions are engineered to thrive even in the most challenging outdoor conditions. Count on us for site-specific orders and tailored recommendations on the optimal tank size, ensuring a precise, relevant, and efficient fit for your needs.

You can expect your GRP Panel tanks to be delivered within just 12 weeks of placing your order!

Chemical & Corrosion Resistant GRP Panel Tanks

American Tanks’ policies and practices take our precious planet into consideration, ensuring all operations and activities remain environmentally friendly and non-destructive. We engage in sustainable solutions wherever possible in respect for our future generations and do our part in maintaining that ‘green’ mindset nature unquestionably needs!

Our Values