Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

AM Tanks specialize in general industrial tank cleaning and sludge removal, servicing a number of Australian and international industries over the past 20 years we’ve been operating.

Commercial tank cleaning can be a tedious, unappealing, and often dangerous job requiring qualified and highly-skilled decontamination teams. While standard water reservoirs may seem like a straightforward cleaning process, removing chemical buildup from steel surfaces can be elaborate, complex, and time-consuming.

In some circumstances, older tanks may be deemed hazardous to access for cleaning purposes with AM Tanks recommending all decontamination inquiries be passed onto our expert personnel for analysis.

Our Tank Cleaning Processes

In addition to standard surface cleaning and grime removal, AM Tanks also offers pipeline and drain thawing solutions using steaming equipment on frozen lines and other components.

Safety & Strategization

Our cleaning teams methodically plan and propose a detailed, tailored approach to every tank decontamination project. All storage tanks vary in condition and configuration making access and efficiency-focused planning difficult and labor-intensive in some cases. Our water blasting equipment features pressure cleaning capabilities of up to 40,000 psi, removing even the toughest of prolonged buildup.

We outline and cautiously execute cleaning activities while responsibly disposing of the extracted waste following decontamination services.

Supervision & Documentation

Confined space tank cleaning requires team guidance and observation ensuring the safest possible services are carried out each time. An AM Tanks cleaning supervisor will be present for the duration of the decontamination project to oversee procedures and document any unforeseen complications that may arise. We’ll digitally record cleaning and site activities and provide clients with reports upon completion. 

Confined Space Cleaning

Although universally challenging to clean, restricted, compact and extremely narrow accessways have always been an improvement point for our industry worldwide.

AM Tanks tank cleaning teams, equipment, and tools are certified and insured to enter highly-enclosed tank spaces of all types. We clean tanks on both individual or one-time contracts as well as on a repeat or scheduled basis.

Constricted space certification isn’t easily achieved meaning our training and expertise ensure that regardless of the storage cleaning project, AM Tanks have the solution!

AM Tanks updates and maintains all confined space entrant’s certifications in accordance with all regulatory changes.

Smart, Sustainable Services

AM Tanks are proudly doing our bit to ensure we’re proactively participating in the universal shift to more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We’re always seeking to transform operations into alternatives that help keep our environment and personnel safe while maintaining affordable services for all our clients.

We welcome technological advancement, new equipment, safer working methods, and high-involvement training to ensure our operations evolve alongside modern systems.

AM Tanks is waste-centric and conservation-focused and operate with environmental factors in close consideration.

Highly-Personalized Cleaning Services

Every industrial storage tank differs making tank cleaning projects highly individualized with AM Tanks tailoring services in relation to a number of factors. The contents stored, locations of access points, and current content volumes all determine how we approach your scheduled tank cleaning.

We conduct high-pressure cleaning and sludge removal services on all types of storage tanks. AM Tanks offers mechanical grime removal, sludge processing and responsibly disposing of sediment.

We’ll send in our fleet of high-pressure washing trucks and equipment for all surface cleaning and decontamination projects. AM Tanks cleans and decontaminates chemically-infected tank surfaces at high-frequency spill locations including both primary and secondary containment setups.


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