PVC Tank Liners

PVC Liners​

PVC is one of the most widely utilized waterproofing materials in the world, and there’s good reason for it! Not only does it provide excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance, but it’s also tough to scratch, tear or abrase in any way.

PVC liners easily bond to steel, concrete, wood, and poly surfaces and are universally used for similar applications regardless of where you are in the world.

We’ll get to know your tanks literally inside and out, ensuring a PVC liner installation is precisely what you need. Whether you need several extra-large pit liners or a membrane for a custom-configured T-shaped GRP tank, AM Tanks can fabricate and install it.

Our PVC liners are safe to store potable water in all environmental conditions and have been rigorously tested in the harshest climates. We supply a range of thicknesses and colors to suit all uses and industry sectors as well, so why not consult us today to discuss your new liner installation project!

Drop-In PVC Liners

AM Tanks custom-fabricates drop-in PVC tank liners to suit all types of commercial panel, plastic and concrete tanks. Our PVC materials are finalized using seam welding processes, providing tanks with the strongest most hard-wearing liner product for an affordable price.

Our PVC liners are installed in line with their convenient drop-down design. As the liner’s lowered into the tank, the material immediately forms the crevice’s shape.

The PVC is then smoothly adhered to the tank’s internal surfaces using state-of-the-art installation equipment providing a perfect wall and floor concealment for a completely leak-proof setup.

Why Use PVC?

PVC liners are highly-flexible, and UV-resistant and provide second-to-none protection against corrosion and unidentified ‘slow leaks’ that cause your tank’s reserves to empty themselves over time gradually.

They’re also lightweight and are easy and affordable to transport, install and replace in the future. Other benefits and features include:

Resume Operations Sooner

AM Tanks’ drop-in PVC tank liners allow tank operators and site managers to have storage assets refilled and online as soon as possible following an installation or replacement.

We assure clients their tanks will only be out of service for a single day while installation is carried out, maximizing operational efficiency and saving you money in the long run!

Manufactured for Maximum Strength

Our coated PVC liner’s seams are precision welded to ensure maximum durability, and flexibility and to guarantee an exact fit with your tank’s dimensions. The key to maintaining consistent and optimal liner performance lies within its ability to fit the tank’s profile.

AM Tanks will provide an inch-perfect alignment and adhesion for all tank liners installed by us every time. They’re also guaranteed to last up to 10 years without needing a replacement and are all manufactured in Australia with local PVC material.

Should minor repairs ever be required over your liner’s entire lifespan, our materials can be easily and cost-effectively heat-sealed or solvent sealed.

How Essential is a Liner?

It’s explicitly evident that a PVC liner will extend your assets’ life cycle in comparison to a tank or dam without one. AM Tanks have witnessed the tragic results of prematurely failed storage tanks where contaminants have no liner installed at all, or have appeared overdue for a replacement for some time.

PVC membranes are designed to accommodate tanks and pit structures by providing an extra integral layer of protection against corrosion and erosion.

Pit and dam walls also easily collapse where liners are non-existent or have been neglected. Large sheets that line dams reinforce the walls for enhanced containment strength and to stop soil from eroding and collapsing the dam.

It’s important to remember that a premium-quality tank liner is an investment and works out far less expensive in the long run than purchasing entirely new tanks when they fail.


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