Tank Refurbishment

Tank Refurbishment

AM Tanks have been repairing, restoring, and accessorizing industrial storage tanks for over two decades for a range of United States and Australian-based industries and their clients.

When commercial tanks begin showing signs of significant wear, component failure, problematic leaks, or become totally inoperable, the best option short of a unit replacement is a professional refurbishment.

Modifications to standard steel panel tanks also must be conducted under safe and compliant conditions, and by licensed engineers.

AM Tanks, we’ll customize and upgrade your industrial panel tanks to have them store and distribute liquid to your exact preferences, offering a range of tailored storage solutions for your application.

Inspections & Refurbishment Planning

Following your tank refurbishment inquiry, we’ll arrange an onsite inspection to assess your tanks’ current condition. The AM Tanks restoration team then devises a personalized refurbishment plan detailing key areas for repairs and replacements.

We’ll send you a quote for the proposed works, then schedule a date for a site visit and commence the refurbishment project – It’s that simple!

Common American Applications

Ongoing Maintenance Support

AM Tanks’ client support services continue well after your sales experience, installation or repair works. We provide an ongoing maintenance support plan ensuring your tanks remain in sound and safe condition throughout their entire lifespan.

Our team can provide a predetermined schedule for the year ahead, detailing inspection dates and specifics regarding what’s likely due for repair and when.

Each tank we inspect varies in condition depending on its age and maintenance record, with AM Tanks providing 100% personalized maintenance schedules to every client.

AM Tanks’ Repair & Modification Services

Surface Repair

AM Tanks won’t allow corrosion to get the better of your steel tank’s surfaces! We provide cleaning and descaling services as a means of rust prevention and offer surface repair services for minor corrosion, abrasion, or indentation issues.

Individual Panel Replacement

Many modern steel storage tanks are modularly designed and bolted together for fast and convenient removal, replacement, and total tank deconstruction. This makes replacing singular or multiple panels efficient and inexpensive for both tank operators and companies, having your assets repaired and back online as soon as possible.

Whether storm debris damages a dozen panels or we’ve discovered corrosion growth on a single section, AM Tanks delivers and installs any number of individual panels onsite.

Tank Floor Replacement

Oftentimes tanks situated on raised beams or other foundations are at higher risk of floor or bottom damage than ground-assembled tanks. Tank flooring may need to be cut out and rewelded where structural integrity is found to be compromised.

AM Tanks can drain your tanks and replace your tank bottoms in a matter of days, reinforcing your asset’s flooring to like new condition.

Tank Re-leveling Services

Outdoor concrete tanks are most susceptible to sinkage where soil movement occurs. We often discover foundational sinking on farms and other remote locations where tanks receive limited attention and maintenance.

Panel tanks may also require re-leveling services, including the replacement of mechanical and digital indicators for an upgraded or more accurate reading.

Pillow Tank Capacity Expansion

Individual pillow tanks are often manufactured to small dimensions and capacities since they’re primarily utilized as temporary storage units. AM Tanks can deliver and connect multiple pillow tanks, creating highly-efficient tank farms that extend your storage capacity.

Leave the positioning challenges, installation, or relocation to us and resume daily operations hassle-free!

Roof Refurbishment

One of the most vulnerable aspects of any outdoor storage tank is its roof. Damaged roofs allow your tank’s contents to become easily contaminated from bird droppings, nesting pests, debris falling into it, and due to many other reasons.

AM Tanks repairs roof beams and replaced roof materials, re-enclosing your tanks as soon as possible to prevent such contamination.

Ladder, Stairway & Platform Repairs

Accessway safety and compliance are paramount when it comes to maintaining regulatory standards. We replace faulty railings, failing fences, damaged stairs, and unsafe platform arrangements to keep your tank’s complete site up to code and harm-free.

Accessory Installation & Component Replacements

Looking for a highly-modified tank storage solution? AM Tanks can accessorize your assets with a range of valve and hose options, manholes, signage, and, other fittings and fixtures.

We also install vermin-proofing components where necessary as an extra means of contamination prevention.

Tank Relocation

Need your tank moved? We can deconstruct, relocate and reassemble your commercial storage tanks in other locations whether within the same site or interstate. Panel tanks are easily unbolted and rebolted causing zero damage to the unit regardless of how many times they’re relocated.


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