GRP Panel Tanks

Advantages & Benefits of Our GRP Panel Tanks

What Makes The GRP Panel Tanks Material So Impressive?

Glass Reinforced Plastic features many unique properties, especially in terms of strength-weight ratio, that are undeniably superior to many other tank materials.

Adding glass fiber to plastic enhances both the tensile strength and mechanical strength of the plastic sheeting, providing finished tank products with optimum-grade durability

GRP Panel Tanks can facilitate the storage of all liquid types including everything from water to heavy chemicals. The strength of fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks also increases in accordance with how much glass fiber is added to the matrix.

Aggressive environments in terms of climate and storage contents, for the most part, won’t begin to corrode GRP Panel Tanks. Chemical and temperature-related corrosion affect many metals, however, your fiberglass tanks won’t be affected easily by either of the typical types.

Low-Maintenance Potable Water Storage

GRP Panel Tanks offer lightweight, cost-effective, and durable solutions for food-grade water storage. They are ideal for freshwater storage, be it for human and animal consumption, irrigation, or farming. These tanks resist corrosion, inhibit bacterial growth, and have a long lifespan, making them eco-friendly.

GRP Material won’t corrode or rot away and helps restrict bacterial growth inside the tank. A GRP panel tank’s extra-long lifespan also makes them an incredibly eco-friendly option.


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