Hot Dip Galvanized Panel Tanks

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Panel Tanks

Tanks manufacturers worldwide have utilized hot-dipped galvanized steel fabrication since the birth of the commercial storage tank. Galvanization is essentially a corrosion prevention process where steel sheeting or pieces are submerged in a solution to create a protective, anti-rust barrier.

AM Tanks have been providing American and Australian industries with hot-dipped galvanized steel tanks for decades, with round and square tank solutions to suit all applications. We also supply and ship a range of liner membranes and waterproofing products that specifically suit hot-dipped galvanized panel tanks.

Our experience also extends to working alongside a number of Australian-based clients making up dozens of industry sectors from Agriculture to Food Processing.

How HDG Storage Tanks Are Made

Molten zinc treatment transforms ordinary steel into extra-strong sheeting by reacting with the iron content when dipped. This reaction forms an alloy coating that offers superb surface protection against corrosion and produces a glossy, smooth, and reflective finish.

All surfaces are coated with the solution leaving both the inside and outside of the new tank completely galvanized and protected. The zinc-layered final product is manufactured in sheet form from which individual panels are produced.

Panels are then bolted together on site to assemble the tank, followed by attaching the roof, connecting plumbing, and installing accessways, safety features, and other components.

What Can Hot-dipped Galvanized Tanks Store?

Where Are HDG Tanks Generally Used?

Benefits of an AM Tanks HDG Tank

Keep Lifecycle Costs Down with HDG Steel

Coating and maintenance costs for hot-dipped galvanized tanks are comparably lower than other steel tank formats. Surfaces won’t need re-treating during their service life unlike many epoxy-coated or painted tanks.

The Importance of New Tank Investments

Ensuring you make the right choice when selecting new commercial storage tanks is vital. With AM Tanks, you can rest assured our experienced panel tank team will point you in the right purchasing direction and recommend our hot-dipped galvanized options where suitable.

Galvanized tanks are reinforced with extra-protective coatings, significantly extending your asset collection’s lifespan. HDG tanks also offer tremendous service value and quality without the hefty price tag of stainless steel. Hot-dipped galvanization also works well with units you intend to have painted as well. Combining the two coating types could double the original lifespan of a standard bare steel tank.

Contemplating long-term solutions in line with a thorough cost-benefit analysis is imperative to securing the most suitable lifelong tank investment to suit your operations and business goals.

Long-lasting in Sea Water Environments

Seaside and other coastal locations astronomically affect your tanks’ lifespan where outdoor units are positioned within close proximity to the ocean or saltwater bays or canals. Seaspray carried through the air and direct contact with salt water rapidly corrodes tank surfaces, especially those that are non-galvanized. It’s critical to know how far salt spray travels from the coastline to determine the true level of salt water exposure your tanks are likely to endure.

Climate conditions vary between Australia and the U.S., so it’s important to understand how your tank’s material reacts with different temperatures, UV indexes, and other weather elements.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel tanks last up to 10-12 years in seawater environments, including applications where external surfaces directly contact water.

Four primary factors will ultimately affect your tank’s longevity, all of which our HDG tanks are designed to withstand for many years, including:


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