Glass Fused To Steel Panel Tanks

Glass Fused To Steel Panel Tanks

Designed to meet individual requirements, AM Tank’s Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks are one of the most versatile and commonly utilized commercial liquid storage systems.

We supply Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks to a range of Australian and American industries featuring a unique mechanical profile that’s built to last.

Whether you’re storing dry feed outdoors or oils and fuels in a warehouse, our Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks will facilitate almost every commercial and industrial storage requirement.

Glass Fused to Steel is one of the latest, most technically advanced steel blends available, featuring sophisticated and innovative manufacturing processes.

Combining Strength with Anti-Corrosion Properties

Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks merges the robustness of steel plate with corrosion-resistant glass fiber. This creates an incredibly solid and particularly enduring containment designed to withstand extreme American outdoor environments – It’s the best of both worlds amalgamated into a single, heavy-duty matrix providing outstanding longevity in tough conditions.

Molten glass is essentially fused with steel using heat to develop an extra-strong layer or panel coating. Steel is heated to over 1,500 degrees and coated with glass, meaning it never requires a paint job and lasts exceptionally long.

This heightened performance and high carbon steel strength make Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks the perfect option for potable water, wastewater containment systems, bio-solids storage, and uncovered water storage setups.

Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks are your best option for both subzero climates and locations where they’ll be exposed to extreme UV indexes.

Glass Fused to Steel Benefits & Features

Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks have been considered an ‘essential’ tank option for many modern American industry applications including digester tanks, fire protection services, and wastewater treatment. In addition to being one of the most practical tanks for commercial purposes, GFTS panel tanks also feature a smooth external surface and generally satisfy aesthetic and positioning requirements upon completion of assembly.

Benefits and characteristics of an AM Tanks Glass Fused to Steel panel tank system include:

Accesorize & Customize​

One size, shape, or setup never fits all, with AM Tanks being a leading commercial storage tank supplier long enough to understand the importance of tailored assets.

We offer a range of modification options for all Glass Fused to Steel panel tanks including:

Glass Fused to Steel Tanks Best Applications

Exceptional Quality

AM Tanks’ mission includes providing the best quality GFTS panel tanks at affordable prices while being sustainability-focused. Our Glass Fused to Steel tanks are known to provide 50+ years of service where glass-lined tanks have been properly maintained.

Our GFTS modular panel tanks are also known to stand up to extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures where other tank materials have been damaged by sun and ice.

Smarter Client Intergration

Collaborating with local and international customers to remodel client relationships. We’ve restructured our operations to better incorporate ongoing customer support, outstanding service packages, and working beyond company visions to include all markets.

All our glass fused-to-steel products exceed international industry standards, so you be sure you’re receiving top-quality tank products wherever you’re located. 


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