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High-Quality Pit Liners for Sale

Pit liners are essential for containing liquids safely and effectively in ponds, dams, or other large in-ground basins. American industries commonly use pits or lagoons to store waste products or water, all of which require quality pit liner solutions according to national regulations. Energy sectors also utilize ponds or pits to store oil and gas, holding significant quantities of these substances. The concept behind industrial pit storage is to isolate harmful chemicals from the environment and minimize human exposure and health risks.

Pit liners for sale must meet high standards to ensure safety and compliance. Water pit liners are used in various applications, including oil remediation, where drilling sites, depots, and other facilities require quality pit liners to match their operational needs. We’ve fabricated and replaced pit liners to facilitate the storage of dozens of various chemicals over our 20+ years in global operation.

With pit liners being critical to securing harmful chemicals, waste products, and vital water reserves, AM Tanks offers a range of heavy-duty, high-strain capacity options to suit your lining project.

One Product. Multi-Capability

AM Tanks’ pit liners are designed for use in a multitude of water and chemical storage scenarios. While pit liners achieve the same containment effect regardless of your storage purposes, it’s important to select the most suitable material for your application to maximize your liner’s effectiveness. The flat liner sheet is fabricated, rolled, and transported to be installed directly into the pit onsite.

Primary uses for pit and pond liners include:

Determining Factors for Pit Liner Selection

AM Tanks supplies and installs pit liners and outdoor lagoon liners to suit all budgets and storage requirements. Individual applications must be discussed with our liner installation team prior to ordering an appropriate pit liner. PVC is generally the best option for water pit liners and light chemical matrixes. However, we’ll recommend which pit liner product to purchase based on:

A more resilient pit liner grade might be required for heavier chemicals such as oils, fuels, and other by-products, with AM Tanks custom manufacturing several types of liner materials to suit.

AM Tanks’ Pit Liner Features

Ideal Storage Applications


All our geotextiles can be designed, cut, and reformed to produce singular, extra-large liner sheeting for your pits, ponds, or dams. Many small pit liners can be welded together in almost any shape, size, or configuration, so you won’t have to worry about sourcing oversized, abnormally-shaped liners ever again!

Wanting to reline a pit over 10,000 square feet in size? AM Tanks are happy to custom-make your new liner and install it onsite.

Maintenance-Free Solutions

AM Tanks’ pit liners are virtually maintenance-free, providing incredible tensile strength and flexibility. Our pit and lagoon liners will not crack under frequent UV or cold climate exposure, nor will they peel or thin out over years of service. Each thickness and membrane selection offers its own application-specific strengths, so it’s important to seek our professional advice prior to purchasing.

Secondary Containment Pit Liners

Pits are also excavated to surround crude oil, fuel, and other outdoor chemical tanks, creating a safety trough to channel spillages or leaks into a secondary containment system. AM Tanks supplies the very best in last-line defenses regarding emergency containment, with a number of pit liner products specially designed to bear high-flow spillages.

Express Installation Services

AM Tanks can have your pit liners fabricated, delivered, and installed typically within seven days of your consultation and placing an order. Our team understands how detrimental downtime can be to operations. We strive to have your lagoon liners placed and fitted with pits filled and online within a week of purchase, with decades of experience carrying out fast and efficient installations.

Liners for All Storage Bodies


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