Tank Liners

Tank Liners

As a global leader in industrial tank liner supplies, AM Tanks offers an extensive line of heavy-duty tank waterproofing products. Our high-tech liner range had serviced industry sectors both in Australia and abroad, with the U.S. fast-tracked to becoming our number one client base worldwide.

Our professionally-applied tank liners are manufactured to both standard and custom sizes ensuring commercial storage tanks of all scales are pairable with AM Tanks’ liner products.

We’re a fully licensed, trusted industrial containment solutions company with decades of experience measuring, installing, and replacing tank liners.

Liner Types We Supply

Corrosion Prevention At Its Best

Rust is the biggest killer of commercial storage tanks worldwide, regardless of where they’re positioned or located, or what’s stored in them. Liners protect tank surfaces by acting as barricades between liquids and metal, preventing corrosion from starting and spreading on surfaces.

AM Tanks’ advanced lining systems shield your tanks from the detrimental impacts rust has on its steel. With both economic and heavy-duty liner sheeting to choose from, we’ve got a waterproofing solution to suit your application and budget.

Our liners also feature superb variable temperature performance and won’t crack, flake, or stretch in extreme cold or hot climates.

Custom-Fit Liners

AM Tanks’ custom-made liners are a hassle-free solution, manufacturing your new ‘drop-in’ style tank liner to your tanks’ exact dimensions for a precise, leak-free fit every time.

We can custom-design your new liners within weeks of ordering, delivering, and installing them within days of completion. Heavy-duty sealants are also used to secure liners into place, offering enhanced reinforcement on all liner installations.

Our Team’s Commitment & Confidence

AM Tanks’ tank liner team has a proven track record of highly-responsive customer service and support, super-fast lead and delivery times, and providing quality waterproofing products that satisfy clients worldwide.

We only use the highest-quality industrial-grade liners and geomembranes for tanks and outdoor pits, never compromising quality to save on costs elsewhere. We’re 100% committed to maximizing liner and tank longevity, manufacturing products using the strictest quality control practices available.

Secondary Containment Liners

We manufacture quality secondary containment liners using plastic-coated textiles, offering unexpected spill and accidental overflow protection. AM Tanks’ secondary containment liners are available in both standard and extreme-temperature options, ideal for:

Who Trusts Our Tank Liners?

Over the last 20 years, AM Tanks have supplied and installed tank liner products to almost every industry in Australia and across the U.S., maintaining substantial client bases both locally and abroad. Applications, where our tank liners are in operation, include:

Is Your Liner Letting Your Tank Down?

Liquid storage tanks fail, most of the time, due to internal corrosion. Rust accumulates on the steel surface in spots where liners are torn or damaged because the liquid has begun to contact the bare surface.

Over time the corrosion intensifies, eating away at the structure, bolts, seams, and just about every part of your tank becomes compromised.

Many inexperienced tank owners, operators, or supervisors believe tank corrosion occurs on the outside only, neglecting assets and failing to arrange professional inspections until it’s too late.

Your tank’s textile barrier is essentially the only product defending your units from a slow, difficult-to-manage degradation, and we recommend performing high-pressure cleaning duties in conjunction with a new installation to guarantee longevity.

The bottom line is that tank problems generally begin with their liner, making frequent condition assessments critical to avoiding heft repair work in the future.

Liner Installations - Things to Note

While AM Tanks handles the majority of your tank liner installation activity, as an AM Tanks customer, please understand that:


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