Industrial Panel Tanks

Industrial Panel Tanks

AM Tanks proudly supply a range of industrial liquid storage tank products to Australian and American industries, offering quality asset packages, components, and services to a dynamic client base.

As an ever-advancing global industry, water and chemical storage options and possibilities continue to shape how AM Tanks conducts business on an international level. Quality and safety standard benchmarks are constantly evolving, with American Tanks respectably adapting to help improve our products while streamlining services.

Check out our range of industrial panel tanks, browse our liners and waterproofing products or contact us for more information on inspection and maintenance services.

Why AM Tanks’ Products

Simple Assembly. Decades of Service

Whether it’s potable water storage, non-potable water storage, chemical storage, or food storage, AM Tanks will have it shipped, assembled, inspected and ready for use within weeks of ordering.

With average service lives of more than 50 years, our industrial panel tank options are designed to suit all indoor and outdoor applications. Expert maintenance and liner replacements will ensure you’ll always get the most out of each tank system, regardless of what you’re storing!

Where Are HDG Tanks Generally Used?

Low-Cost Shipping

Our unbeatable affordability gets passed on to our clients with low-cost shipping, economical tank, and component packages, and quality inspection services available nationwide.

AM Tanks’ modular liquid storage system panel design allows for fast, convenient shipment of complete tanks in comparison to regular molded tanks or concrete tanks.

On-time Delivery. Every time

American Tanks understands that every industrial tank application differs. Site situations and operational circumstances can also change between placing an order and receiving your tanks, so don’t sweat having to alter original delivery plans!

We aim to ship your products in a timely, economical, and efficient fashion, ensuring operations resume in no time.

Call us today to discuss your delivery and assembly requirements, and let us worry about shipping out your tank products to you!

We’re Up for the Challenge

AM Tanks have transported and assembled new tanks, as well as deconstructed and removed old tank systems for a range of extreme and virtually inaccessible locations. With America’s vastness and volatile, rugged landscape continuously challenging us, we’re yet to discover a location we couldn’t deliver or install a tank!

Whether you require remotely located fire suppression tanks in the Mid West or urban commercial food storage, AM Tanks can have it sorted for you.

Optimum Tank Health & Maintenance

Providing remarkable after-sales support to our clients along with ongoing maintenance and inspection services is just as vital as a quality, disruption-free installation. We’re also capable of meeting strict local environmental requirements, ensuring installation services remain non-interfering and non-destructive.

AM Tanks has onboarded dozens of highly skilled, highly knowledgeable water tank engineers since expanding operations to our U.S. client base, so rest assured your units remain properly serviced for decades.

Applications - Industrial & Commercial

AM Tanks’ industrial liquid storage tanks are suitable for a multitude of applications including:


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