Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

AM Tanks have been America’s supplier of multi-grade stainless steel liquid storage tank products for over 20 years. When it comes to stainless steel, our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure the correct universally recognized grade is selected for the intended purpose.

With grade choice being a critical component in storage tank longevity, it’s important to let a team of experts guide you through the selection process, explaining why particular grades are more suitable than others.

Each stainless steel grade varies in strength, corrosion-resistance ratings, and molybdenum composition, with a multitude of uses for all.

Contact an AM Tanks panel tank professional today and let’s discuss stainless steel options for your next installation project!

Polished and Visually Aesthetic Design

AM Tanks stainless steel water tanks are available in circular and rectangular orientations, showcasing a refined, patterned external surface for a more aesthetically pleasing asset. With a superior finish, most other steel types are no match for stainless steel’s shimmering, abrasion-resistant gleam.

Exquisitely Manufactured

Ensuring our clients receive superior stainless steel tank products, AM Tanks manufactures each tank in alignment with strict fabrication processes. We process our metals using only design-specific equipment and engineering to deliver the very best in stainless steel storage every time.

Stainless Steel - A Long-term Investment

Our industry experts consider stainless steel tank storage to be the superior tank option in regard to overall longevity, serviceability, and the lowest long-term maintenance costs. While the initial purchase and setup expenses may prove deterring, stainless steel’s lifelong costs generally outweigh the benefits of a less expensive steel setup.

Limited maintenance, exceptional durability, and the environmental sustainability of stainless steel will see you utilizing a higher-quality product while spending less money on repairs and enduring frustrating operational downtime.

Chromium-alloyed stainless steel, regardless of its grade, maintains its strength and structural integrity through extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures, hail storms, and in saltwater environments, unlike other metals and plastics.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Stainless steel’s smooth, glossy surface makes internal and external surface cleaning super-convenient and low-cost. Contaminants like sludge and grime buildup find it difficult to adhere to stainless steel surfaces, with all our grades only requiring minor pressure-washing during routine maintenance.

Surfaces are easily cleansed with water only and won’t require any special chemicals to maintain their remarkable hygiene rating – It’s why stainless steel is considered the best option for food processing and drinking water applications.

Three Grades for Maximum Suitability

Not all stainless steel storage tanks are created equal. We supply three stainless steel types for a range of American industrial and commercial applications.

Individual budgets and requirements will determine which grade AM Tanks recommends for your new stainless steel tank system. Learn more below about the grades we offer and their benefits:

AM Tank’s Stainless Steel Panel Tanks are:

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