Streamlining Panel Tank Inspections with the Latest Underwater Drone Technology per AWWA and NFPA Recommendations

Many commercial and industrial enterprises rely on water storage and distribution systems for everyday operations. Unquestionably, panel tanks are integral to these systems, but they can be difficult, time-consuming, and risky to inspect using traditional inspection because this method involves confined spaces and hazardous conditions.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have made it possible to streamline the inspection process, and one such innovation is the use of underwater ROV drone technology. This technology enables water companies to manage the integrity of their storage tanks better and provide high-quality drinking water by conducting safer, more efficient, and cost-effective inspections.

The Impact of Streamlining Panel Tank Inspections with Underwater Drone Technology

Clean and safe drinking water is essential for the health of any community, and water storage tanks play a key role in providing this necessity. However, because these tanks are frequently used and exposed to the environment, they are prone to wear and tear over time, resulting in problems such as corrosion, cracks, leaks, decreased water quality, and, ultimately, tank failure.

To address these problems, regulatory authorities like the AWWA and NFPA recommend that storage tanks for water be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they remain in excellent condition. These inspections often include the visual inspection of tank components, which may be time-consuming, expensive, and possibly dangerous for inspectors, especially if they must climb into the tanks.

The most recent drone underwater technology provides a solution to these issues by allowing for the more efficient inspection of FRP panel tanks. Inspectors may remotely access tanks and obtain high-resolution photos of tank components using underwater drones without entering the tanks themselves. This technology also helps inspectors identify and address faults quickly and efficiently, thereby preventing more serious issues.



List of AWWA and NFPA Recommendations for Streamlining Panel Tank Inspections

AWWA and NFPA have established water storage tank inspection rules and recommendations. These recommendations establish standards and best practices for the maintenance and inspection of storage tanks for water to ensure their safe and efficient functioning.

Some of the essential recommendations given by AWWA standards and NFPA for expediting panel tank inspections are as follows:

  • Use of technology: Both the AWWA and the NFPA propose using technology such as underwater drones to capture high-resolution photos of tank components without requiring human entrance. This technique has the potential to significantly reduce the time and expenses involved with existing examination procedures.
  • Safety precautions: Both the AWWA and the Role of NFPA 25 for fire protection systems suggest that safety precautions be used during tank inspections. These include ensuring that the tanks are open to the air, that all safety equipment is present and functional, and that only qualified individuals are permitted to inspect.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Both the AWWA and the NFPA urge that any concerns discovered during inspections be addressed as quickly as feasible to avoid further damage or degradation. To keep tanks in good condition, regular maintenance like cleaning and painting should be conducted.

Advantages of Adhering to AWWA and NFPA Recommendations For Panel Tank Inspections

Following AWWA and NFPA standards for simplifying panel tank inspections can assist in ensuring that water storage tanks are safe and efficient. Water utilities can reduce potential dangers to public health and safety and extend the life of their tanks by utilizing technology, adopting safety procedures, documenting inspections, and executing repairs and maintenance as needed.

The following are some of the advantages of adhering to AWWA and NFPA requirements for panel tank inspections:

  • Improved safety: Regular inspections can aid in identifying potential hazards and preventing accidents, ensuring that the panel tank is fit for use.
  • A longer lifespan: By adhering to the suggested inspection and maintenance procedures, the panel tank’s lifespan can be prolonged, potentially saving money on replacement expenses.
  • Compliance to regulations: Adhering to AWWA testing standards and NFPA regulation guarantees that the panel tank meets industry standards and regulations, which can help avoid penalties and legal concerns.
  • Maintains good water quality: A properly kept panel tank can help to assure the quality of the stored water, which is critical for public health and safety.
  • Increased efficiency: Regular inspections can assist in identifying places where modifications can be made to boost the efficiency of the FRP panel water tank, such as minimizing leaks or enhancing water flow.

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With AWWA and NFPA recommending regular inspections of water tanks, it is crucial for water tank service companies to stay up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure they are providing the highest quality service to their customers. 

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