Essential Roof Repairs for Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks will occasionally experience normal wear and tear due to usage or non-usage, calamities such as storms, hurricanes, and strong winds, or they will have reached the end of their expected service life. At this point, you need to choose whether to replace or repair the water tank.

Clearly, if the water tank is beyond repair, you’ll need to get a new one. However, if the damage is only minor, it would be more cost-effective to fix it rather than get a new one. If you decide to repair your water storage tanks, particularly the roof, whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, we’re certain that this article will guide you through what you need to know when repairing the roof of your water storage tanks.

Common Causes of Water Storage Tank Failures

Before delving further into repairing your water storage tanks, it is necessary to determine what caused their damage to know how to proceed.  Here are the common causes of water storage tank failures:

  • Corrosion

This is the most common reason most water storage tank fails, especially their roof. As a matter of fact, time is not on your side in this case, and neither are acid rains.

  • Improper Construction

Yes. Water storage tanks with improperly constructed roofs can lead to leaks. This is because the roof you placed at the top of your water storage tank may not be compatible with the water tank itself, the materials used were substandard, or the construction was flawed.

  • Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance will always lead to more repairs and possibly overhauling the whole water storage tank. 

  • Operational Errors in Human Interference

Also known as human error, there are times when you or somebody else was negligent in handling the water storage tank. 

  • Lack of Physical Safety, such as Internal/External Forces or Events

There will always be storms, hurricanes, strong storms, and natural disasters; this time, it isn’t your fault, as it is just an unfortunate occurrence.

Essential Repairs Tips and Tricks

After determining the causes of the damage to your water storage tank roof, you now have a course of action on what to do and what materials to prepare. Here are the essential tips and tricks for repairing the top of your water storage tank.

  • Wooden Water Storage Tanks

In the case of wooden tanks, planks for the tank are measured and cut in the shop according to specifications for your water storage tank. Those pre-cut planks are sent and will be assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle.   

  • Metallic Water Storage Tanks

Components for metal tanks are handled much the same, and pre-cut sheet metal segments are sent to the job site for assembly. Once there, the roof tank’s superstructure is assembled, and workers weld the metal sheets.

Some decades ago, galvanized iron sheets were used to make water tanks. Unfortunately, the roofs usually corrode first due to the amount of heat and rain exposure. They were then considered useless and discharged as scrap metal, but these corroded and leaking water tanks can be repaired easily. Repaired roofs save more money than buying new ones.

  • If the metal oxidizes when exposed to water, which corrodes and creates holes, cement reinforced with wire mesh can cover the holes and corroded parts.

Key Takeaways

Repairing your water storage tank might be beneficial due to its low cost compared to buying a new one. It is also best to determine how big or small the needed repair for the roof of the water storage tank is so that you or your contractors will know how much it will cost and what materials will be used to repair it. 

Got a Leaking or Damaged Water Storage Tank?

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