The Role of External Visual Inspections in Detecting Water Tank Damage

Water is the most critical resource for supporting communities around the globe. Imagine what life would be like without readily available clean water.  There would be no way to wash our bodies, have running clean water in our homes, use indoor plumbing, or drink clean water. It’s beyond comprehension! 

In developed countries, a huge amount of usable surface water is kept in water storage tanks. However, if you neglect to clean your water tank, your water supply may get contaminated with bacteria and parasites that can cause gastrointestinal infections, diarrhea, and other water-borne illnesses.

Thus, inspecting these tanks is important for structurally sound, clean, safe water for power, agriculture, mining, and household use.

Purpose of Water Tank Inspections

If you stay on top of tank inspections, you can save money in the long run by figuring out exactly when you need to replace or repair your tanks. In the absence of maintenance, several commonly used materials for water tanks deteriorate with time.

Beyond the tank, potable water tank inspections are crucial for good water maintenance. Over time, sediment can gather and collect along the bottom of tanks. If in small amounts, the deposit has no impact on the water quality or the storage tank’s structural integrity.

Role of External Visual Inspections in Detecting Water Tank Damage

Traditionally, trained divers must inspect a water storage tank without complete drainage. These divers usually must be externally hired, resulting in high hourly costs and coordination complications.

However, you can conduct such inspections without costing too much. You can go and look at your water tank’s exterior. Closely examining the tank’s surface can reveal cracks or crazing caused by UV degradation and other stressors. These stressors can damage the water tank severely if left unattended.



How to Repair a Damaged Water Tank

You can repair your damaged water tank on your own, especially when only dealing with a few minor cracks and leakages visible on its surface. Here are some of the solutions on how to repair a water tank:

  • Cement Water Tanks Hydraulic cement is famous in construction and other industries. The main applications of this compound are to prevent leakages and concrete structures.
  • Empty the water tank first and let it dry. Apply concrete bonding agent on the areas having minor cracks with the help of a brush and cover the inner regions.
  • Mix one part of hydraulic cement with three parts of water. Fix the cement at the outer layer initially, then cement the inner structure after the first one dries.
  • The last step is reinforcing the liner edges using a hammer.

Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic or poly tank welds are one of the most common ways of repairing cracks in the world of poly tank repair.

The first method of repairing is through heating. This method works for small cracks that are visible from the top. Using fiberglass sheets can also help in preventing plastic leakage.

You can also apply epoxy/putty to the affected areas. The chemicals of the epoxy/putty heat up upon contact, and the more you knead them together, the hotter and more pliable they become.

Metal Water Tanks

Using sealant may be the solution when you discover a rust hole in a traditional metal or steel water tank.

Empty and clean the tank first. After that, cut the tip off the sealant, making the hole as big as needed to be to manage the adhesive quickly. Place the tube of sealant into the caulking gun. Ensure it is snapped securely into place.

Apply the sealant around the area until the product fully covers the space. Smear the sealant evenly over the damaged area with the putty knife. Painting the area on and around the sealant once it is dry is highly recommended if your water tank is situated outside, as exposure to sunlight and the elements can break down the sealant rapidly. 

Worried About A Possible A Damage To Your Water Tank?

Once you know where to look for water tank damage and how to do water tank repair, you can give yourself a temporary fix that may hold for weeks or months, giving you enough time to make arrangements to have your water tank inspected by professionals.

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