The Consequences of Neglecting Water Tank Inspections and Maintenance

Have you seen how easily water in dirty containers becomes a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes, bacteria, mold, and diseases? Now imagine if the container is a huge water storage tank supplying water to households, business establishments, and communities. It would certainly be disastrous for anyone who uses it, especially for drinking.

It’s an already known fact that water tanks can turn dirty when not cleaned or given proper maintenance. Simply put, when you neglect water tank maintenance, expect the water to become contaminated, and your home water supply will no longer be safe for cooking and drinking. 

But that’s not all! Water contamination is merely one of the consequences of disregarding water tank inspection. Keep reading to find out just how disastrous it can be if you neglect to perform regular water tank inspection and maintenance.


Here are some other risks and dangers of a neglected water tank:

  • Accumulated sediment in the water tank

Debris and corrosion-causing contaminants can create a sludge-like material at the bottom or on the side of unclean tanks. This often results in oxidation, which can hinder storage tank efficiency. Worse yet, dirty and contaminated tanks can pose increased safety risks to the environment and your family.

  • Green or black algae growing in the storage tank.

Some storage tanks that use white or transparent plastic or concrete water tanks often have this problem. The materials do not block light for plastic water tanks, and concrete water tanks are porous. Thus, algae can grow, coating the tank inside and flowing to your house, where it will come out in the sink, toilets, and shower heads.

  • Dead animals in the storage tank

Water storage tanks without lids or openings or holes in the top allow easy access for squirrels and other animals to climb inside, but they cannot get out once they have fallen in the water and are wet. Aside from dead animals, various excrements from different animals, primarily birds, often find a way to get inside due to holes and openings in the water tank.

  • Tank tipping

The pipes and support structure connected to the tank can be stressed or broken through the usual wear and tear of the water tank. Remember that water is very dense, and a storage tank filled with 5000 gallons weighs more than 40,000 pounds.

It is a definite hazard to leave the structure holding the water tank at the mercy of the elements without proper maintenance and inspection.

  • Additional costs

Without regular maintenance or inspection, your water tank could incur damages before its time. Besides, a poorly-maintained water tank may cost you more money to clean up. 

Water Tank Contamination

Water contamination due to neglecting a water tank has dire consequences as described above. Consuming water from a leaking or otherwise contaminated storage tank is a surefire way to get sick, if not dead. 

Moreover, contaminated water supplies have been responsible for significant outbreaks of severe gastrointestinal illnesses such as gastroenteritis and infections caused by various algae, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Gastrointestinal diseases can be particularly tough for the young, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

Various chemicals or metals can also contaminate private water supplies, which can be harmful to your health at elevated levels. For example, a neglected metal water tank that is already oxidizing or rusting from the inside will give you rusty water

You may not feel anything at first when you drink it because you see the water is transparent, but you do not know the amount of rust you are already drinking until the color of the water changes.

Final Thoughts

Because water is essential to daily life, having a safe supply at home is a must for the well-being of everyone living there, and cleaning and maintaining your water tank is one proven way to get a constant supply of potable water in your home. 

Even if you don’t know the condition of the water inside the tank, you should be more cautious when using it. Common illnesses occur due to the unclean water stored inside the tank, where bacteria and other potentially harmful microbial organisms can grow.

Have You Been Neglecting Your Water Tanks Lately?

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