The Importance of Adhering to AWWA Standards for Water Tank Inspections and Repairs

Structurally, stainless steel is a good material for water storage tanks. But even so, it is still susceptible to corrosion when exposed to water and oxygen. This goes to say then that other water tank materials, such as plastic, concrete, HDG, and GRP panel tanks, are just as vulnerable to corrosion’s damaging effects.

And so, a regular maintenance program ought to be in place to prevent your tank from becoming a safety hazard as a result of unsafe water quality, structural steel corrosion, or even leaks, which may lead to unplanned service interruptions. 

Whether your tank is large or small, for residential or commercial use, all water storage tanks need to be periodically inspected in accordance with AWWA Standards. Using it will help you perform inspections and repair water tank properly and efficiently.

What is the AWWA Standards For Water Storage Tanks?

American Water Works Association, or AWWA, provides guidance and sets the standards for all types of water treatment and supply. Currently, it consists of 190 standards, and as technology evolves, innovations are emerging, and so is the development of new AWWA standards.

AWWA has been in the field since 1998, publishing consensus documents. The committees have produced more than 60 manuals on water supply, and their long years of service prove genuine dedication to public health and safety.

AWWA leads, influences, and assures high-quality standards! They set the bar high so you won’t have to experience the bare minimum in water quality. Thus, choosing a company, products, and processes that meet the requirements of the AWWA standards will guarantee that your water tank’s service life is extended while providing high-quality drinking water.

Why Is it Important to Adhere to AWWA Standards for Water Tank Inspections and Repairs?

AWWA Standards for Water Tank Inspections and repairs are rigorously developed and approved by experts. Thus, it’s meant to provide everyone with effective water management solutions.

With that being said, you need to adhere to the AWWA standard list of requirements for regular tank inspection and maintenance to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You will have the assurance that your tank’s condition is of good quality. Since AWWA has been in the service for 20 years, it holds a consensus of the different industries ensuring the longevity of your tank’s services and keeping it in shape.
  1. AWWA Standards lists are modified in accordance with each type of water service. Thus, the requirements and water management stated are extensively studied before the committee approves. 
  1. When companies and owners adhere to AWWA standards for water tank inspections and repairs, it ensures proper precautions and steps are followed. This ensures structural and sanitary integrity.
  1. Having a standard that all legitimate businesses must adhere to ensures both safety and long-term viability. Accurate and precise maintenance is also achieved through regular inspections.
  1. Aside from ensuring that your water tanks are in good hands in regular inspections and maintenance, AWWA also provides owners and installers information about the features and specs of the different types of waterworks.

What Happens When You Don’t Follow 

As a tank owner, you will probably endure all the consequences when your tank’s inspections and maintenance are taken for granted. Would you instead take that risk of getting penalties for violations or compromising your family’s health? 

Do your part to prevent these unwanted consequences:

  1. Inaccurate troubleshooting will lead to imprecise solutions. 
  2. Improper maintenance could also mean your tank may be frequently repaired, and it will be costly.
  3. Not adhering to the standard will eventually reduce water quality due to contamination and leakage, thus affecting your health and sanitation.
  4. You won’t reach your tank’s life service because it will break down faster without quality inspection and repair.
  5. You can get penalties from local authorities or EPA when you ignore standards and safety precautions.

Keep your Standards High with AM Tanks!

A water storage tank is a vital asset for facilities that invest in one, and it requires routine maintenance just like other essential equipment. Water tank inspection and repair is complex and requires strict adherence to the applicable codes and standards set by AWWA. So it is critical that this work be completed by a certified, trained, and experienced contractor.

Don’t lower your standard! Only trust American Tanks for all your tank inspection and repair needs! For over 20 years, our company has been fully equipped to perform high-quality inspections and report service as we’ve truthfully adhered to AWWA Standards. 
We know your tanks are one of your best investments, and we are your reliable partner in ensuring they remain corrosion-resistant and functioning for years to come! Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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