The Role of OSHA and EPA Regulations in Ensuring Water Tank Safety

Have you ever taken a sip of water from the tap and thought to yourself, “Where did this water come from?” You’ve probably guessed a water tank, and it’s crucial to understand the role of organizations like OSHA and EPA in ensuring the safety of the water you and your family drink daily. These organizations put regulations in place to guarantee that water tanks are regularly inspected and maintained to prevent the contamination of our water supply.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the important work of OSHA and EPA and explore how their regulations play a crucial role in keeping our water clean and safe. So, whether you’re a concerned citizen, a water tank operator, or just curious about the process, continue reading to learn the role these organizations play in ensuring the safety of water tanks.

What are OSHA and EPA Regulations?

OSHA and EPA are different agencies under the U.S. Government. OSHA, shortened for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is under the U.S. Department of Labor, while EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. Government. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) manages workplace safety, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets rules to limit environmental pollution.

The EPA and OSHA are mandated by law to protect the public’s health and safety and America’s labor force through the timely and effective implementation of several federal laws and applicable regulations. In some aspects, the responsibilities of the agencies are separate and distinct, while in others, they are complementary.

These two agencies aim to improve the protection of workers, the public, and the environment at facilities under EPA and OSHA jurisdiction. 

EPA Scope, Responsibilities, and Regulations

The responsibilities of this organization include protecting public health and the environment by guaranteeing compliance with federal environmental statutes and regulations. EPA Clean Water Act regulations and EPA Drinking Water regulations are two of the many statutes and regulations by the EPA.

What does the EPA regulate? 

It regulates and ensures that potable water is readily available to everyone. Whether the source is public water system or water tanks, EPA assures that every person is drinking safe and clean water. EPA regulations guarantee that once a water storage tank has passed on the tests conducted by EPA and its affiliate agencies, it is safe from all possible contaminants, such as microbiological, chemical, or physical contaminants.

OSHA Scope, Responsibilities, and Regulations

It is the agency’s duty to enforce the OSHA Safety Act to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, safe and healthy working conditions for all workers. OSHA has a program for both public and private sectors called OSHA Safety and Health Fundamentals Certificate Program to promote occupational safety and health and reduce worker incident rates.

What does the OSHA regulate? 

It regulates and ensures that the general working conditions are met. OSHA requirements include that the employer provides potable drinking water in adequate amounts to meet each employee’s health and personal needs. The workplace must have a potable water fountain, a covered container with single-use drinking cups stored in a sanitary receptacle, or single-use bottles.

Also, OSHA provides specific requirements for water storage tanks constructed in confined spaces and protects construction workers from exposure to the elements when constructing a water tank.

Importance of Water Tank Inspections As Per EPA and OSHA Regulations

Water tanks are an indispensable part of our daily lives. They store water for various purposes, such as drinking, washing, and industrial processes. However, it is important to ensure that water tanks are safe and free from contaminants. That’s why regular inspections of water tanks are so important and why they are mandated by organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

These organizations have established guidelines for the design, construction, and maintenance of water tanks, and regular inspections help to ensure that these guidelines are being followed. By adhering to these regulations, your organization can minimize the risk of water tank contamination and ensure that the water you are storing is safe for consumption.

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The regulations set by the two agencies, EPA and OSHA, are critical in ensuring water tank safety because compliance with their regulations can help you identify any necessary repairs or upgrades. 

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