The Importance of Tank Coatings in Corrosion Prevention

We have gained extensive knowledge and experience lining and repairing storage tanks of all shapes and sizes over the years. Some are above ground, some are underground, some are in good condition, some are in bad condition, and many are in VERY bad condition.

One thing is clear from our experience in this industry: corrosion is the storage tank’s main enemy, significantly reducing its lifespan.

So what is corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural phenomenon governed by chemistry, metallurgy, and electricity. Corrosion can be defined as the gradual destruction of materials caused by chemical reactions in their environment.

Corrosion reduces the useful properties of a material. This includes the material’s strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids and gases.

Energy is added to the process of producing steel, both for storage tanks and other uses, in the form of fire and heat. This causes an energy imbalance in the finished steel. Nature wishes to undo this and return the material to its natural state.

Nature works hard to release this extra energy in the form of electrons, reversing the imbalance and causing the metal to corrode and return to iron oxide. This appears to be rust to us.

The addition of water, whether as a solid, liquid, or vapor, greatly accelerates the rate of corrosion. The stored water produces a powerful electrolyte. Developing a method for ion transfer and current flow within the steel’s microstructure.

Storage tanks and piping systems provide ideal conditions for corrosion to form. In addition to the atmospheric corrosion described above, they provide the water and nutrients required for microbial growth.

Lining stops corrosion

Interior corrosion can be effectively managed and controlled with the proper application of protective coatings.

These linings act as a barrier between the stored product and the steel tank, preventing corrosion. The coatings disrupt the flow of electrons, preventing corrosion from starting.

The internal coating also keeps microbes from attacking the steel directly, preventing microbiologically influenced corrosion.

Good preparation and good coating application

Proper coating application is critical to avoid discontinuities (breaks or gaps in the coatings) that would allow corrosion to return to the steel.

These discontinuities are frequently caused by poor or incorrect surface preparation or poor coating application.

Correctly preparing the steel surface and applying the coating system can help reduce the number of discontinuities while also extending the coating’s life.

Lining failures caused by the improper or insufficient application can be disastrous for the operator. This costs not only thousands of pounds in lost revenue but also the cost of lining replacement and tank repairs. Plus the cost of any potential fines resulting from tank leakage.

When it comes to lining your storage tanks, it is critical to hire an experienced and reputable company.

A protective coating or lining applied to the tank’s interior helps not only with corrosion control but also with product purity.

The slickness of tank lining coatings can also aid in the flow of stored products. Assuring that all product exits the tank with minimal residue.

Environmental laws are stringent. Tank storage facilities are responsible for preventing tank leaks and ground or waterway contamination.

Lower operating costs, fewer repairs, and an extended storage tank design life all lead to increased profits when storage tanks are lined.

Corrosion protection is typically a thinner coating and/or flexible lining product for above-ground applications, epoxy composite lining systems in conjunction with mortar, or protection for brand new structures. Chemical resistance on concrete, steel, masonry, and other surfaces in municipal, industrial, institutional, and energy/utility applications is the focus of our coatings line.

We strongly advise applying preventative coatings to newly installed structures before they are put into service to ensure the longest possible service life.

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