Why Regular Paint Systems Inspection and Maintenance are Essential for Water Tank Protection

Water storage tanks come in different sizes, styles, capacities, and materials. Considering also that they are used for various purposes, such as emergency water storage, storing well water as a reserve for daily use, or catching rainwater from the roof of a home or building, their capacities range from 100 gallons up to 65,000 gallons or even more.

So with a size that big, they may be plainly visible, which could eventually become a nuisance, especially if you value aesthetic organization in everything. One of the ways to make your water tanks blend in with your home, company, or building is through water tank painting. Colors, designs, or themes will make it pleasing to look at. 

But did you know that water tank paint does more than just make them look beautiful? What makes it even more remarkable is its protection of your water tank. Do you want to find out more about how this is possible? We suggest you keep reading!

Why Do You Need to Inspect Your Water Tank’s Paint System?

Water tank lining paint is an essential part of water tank maintenance since it helps to protect the tank from corrosion and other issues brought on by the weather, contaminants, and other external conditions.

For your tank’s paint system to function at its best, you should have it inspected by a professional water tank painting contractor. It includes the equipment, the type of paint used, and the process or operation to ensure safety and for coatings to cover its assignment.

Here are the top reasons why regular paint system inspections are a must!

1. A water tank’s coating primarily serves to prevent corrosion

Each type of coating has varying effectiveness in keeping tanks clean and tidy. Always research beforehand the appropriate kind of materials to use for a potable water tank paint. Also, consider its durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, and make sure it does not contain VOCs (or Volatile Organic Compounds). Make sure it meets the requirements and minimum standards.

2. Incorrect choice of paint coating can lead to corrosion and paint deterioration

The paint is used to coat the external and internal parts of the water tank, then followed by a separate layer of the treatment system. When there are inconsistencies, corrosions may occur early. Thus, using inaccurate paint coatings that don’t coincide with the chemicals and water additives will lead to serious and widespread damage, causing costly repairs. 

3. Correct repair or treatment for paint issues

Proper inspections on your water tank’s paint system can help you locate and detect the exact part of paint issues. In addition, expert tank refurbishment provides the proper way of recoating or some repairs. Essentially, proper techniques and treatments are applied. 

4. Ensures equipment is set correctly

It is important and highly suggested that new equipment be prepped beforehand and painted on site, as it ensures all parts are covered well. Additionally, the tank’s primer coat must be checked before painting to ensure it has not been damaged.

5. Inspection is an integral part of the whole inspection and maintenance operation.

The main line of defense against corrosion is the paint coatings on water storage tanks and the machinery used in treatment systems. It should be inspected first because it significantly impacts the overall state of your tank and equipment. 

How Does Paint Maintenance Protect Your Water Tanks?

You may have heard it many times that your water tanks’ maintenance should be prioritized, and indeed you should! But along with it should be paint maintenance too, because if you do, the following benefits are waiting for you:

  • Extends your tank’s life service.

Regular water tank painting ensures continued tank reliability and helps prevent the spread of bacteria and other contaminants and internal rust and damage.

  • Protects your tanks from rust and corrosion.

The external and internal finishing of your tank protects the equipment from corrosion. A new coat of paint is required every 10-15 years to guarantee full protection!

  • Saves you money.

Maintenance saves you money by avoiding expensive repairs and providing more value in the long run. By using preventative paint maintenance and keeping corrosion to a minimum, your tank will last longer and protect those around you.

Get Your Water Tanks Inspected and Maintained Only By American Tanks!

You will thank yourself later when you keep your tanks protected. The longevity of your water tank is largely determined by how you take care of it, and without a doubt, regular inspections and maintenance do great wonders in keeping them in pristine condition! 

No matter how challenging the job could be, you won’t waste much energy when you get assistance from our professional team here at American Tanks!When it comes to industrial storage tank supplies and services, we surely won’t disappoint, just like how we did for the past 20 years. We’ve maintained our status as trusted partners to numerous clients in Australia and the United States with our wide selection of tanks, liners, and custom-fabricated package options. Contact us today, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you soon.

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