The Benefits of Using GRP Water Storage Tanks

It’s hard to imagine a world without clean water, but it’s even harder to imagine a household without access to it.  As much as water is essential for living, we cannot undermine the equal importance of safe water tank storage as it is crucial for ensuring that the water we use for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene is free from contaminants and pathogens. 

If you already have a water tank and are considering an upgrade, GRP Water Storage Tank is the leading industry standard water containment unit on the market today. But why GRP? This article has the answers you’re looking for!

What is a GRP Water Storage Tank?

GRP or FRP water tanks are the abbreviations of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, the leading industry and civil standard water storage equipment on the market. Given their lightweight, sturdy yet workable fiberglass design, GRP tanks provide safe storage for water without the risk of corrosion or contamination from bacteria.

Furthermore, given the materials the water tanks are made from, they are also resistant to external temperatures and adverse weather, meaning they will not degrade over time. These materials also make the water tanks pliable, which can be adapted at the manufacturing level for any specific access or locational needs.

GRP water storage tanks are versatile because they can be for personal or business use or both and can provide many benefits for you, your family, and your business. Here are some of the benefits of using a GRP Water Storage Tank: 

• Safety

A GRP tank is ideal for storing and distributing potable clean drinking water. Schools, hospitals, and homes can benefit significantly from installing a GRP tank. It has improved resistance to bacterial growth, reduced risk of osmotic attack, and is suitable for global climatic conditions. 

It is adapted to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria and to keep dirt and insects away. This will result in a clean and constant supply of water.

• Maintenance

GRP tank is designed to last 25 years. Together with the corrosion properties, this material is maintenance-free compared to steel & aluminum, which can rust, corrode, and need to be coated or repainted over the same period as the design life of GRP. Compared to traditional materials, GRP has exceptional durability and does not require frequent tank inspections. It also is less likely to distort under impact.

• Customization

GRP water tanks are fully customizable units and can be manufactured to almost any shape and size, depending on the consumer’s requirements. The color of the water tanks is also customizable, an essential feature for companies storing a vast array of dangerous and non-dangerous chemicals; color customization allows immediate identification of GRP tanks and their contents.

This level of consumer customization means that rather than being stuck in a “one size fits all” scenario, the tanks can be specifically manufactured for a company’s needs, rather than the company having to adapt their working processes and environment for the tanks.

• Costs

GRP material is a low-cost option due to its lightweight capabilities. It is 70% – 80% lighter than steel, and transport cost is dramatically reduced as no heavy lifting equipment is required to on/offload. GRP can be easily maneuvered from the factory to the site, significantly reducing overall installation costs.

Where to Get Premium-Grade GRP Water Storage Tanks

Getting a GRP water storage tank for your home or business is beneficial due to its low initial cost and low maintenance while being on par with its metallic counterparts. It is safe and clean for drinking and can be used as one of your emergency water storage tanks during water shortages. 

Whether you’re rurally located or based within America’s major metropolitan areas, American Tanks can supply and deliver what you need wherever you are. We have been the trusted provider of premium-grade commercial storage tank products for over 20 years in many American homes and businesses.

Our GRP water storage tank is eco-friendly with an extra-long lifespan. This includes its capability to store freshwater safely for human and animal consumption. Our GRP water tanks are 100% customizable, which means you can give specifications to them, and we will provide you with your perfect water storage tank well suited for your needs. We are now an international partner for liquid storage tank solutions, providing supplies and services between Australia and the U.S. and Manufacturing bolted steel panel tanks for decades. American Tanks continue to expand its client base both Australia-wide and in all parts of America.

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While many tank manufacturers worldwide custom-make FRP tanks, only some are as equipped to meet international design and fabrication standards as American Tanks. American Tanks’ GRP panel tanks are also competitively priced, with supply and installation packages to suit every budget.

At American Tanks, we are 100% focused on delivering complete client satisfaction on all our tank, liner, inspection, and maintenance services. They are committed to sourcing and installing the most suitable materials and waterproofing products for your application from coast-to-coast, and everywhere in between.Let American Tanks cater to your GRP water tank storage needs now! Call us today so we can get started right away!

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