Innovative Technology: Using Underwater Drones for Fire Water Tank Inspections

A fire water tank can save hundreds and even thousands of lives and properties, but only if it is in optimum working condition. One of the best ways of conserving its value is to ensure it is well maintained, and part of it is to have regular inspections. Inspections are needed so problems and issues inside the tank can be found and fixed immediately.

Fire tanks are typically enormous, mainly because it needs to hold at least 10,000 gallons of water and more. That said, inspecting it thoroughly will then be a major undertaking, especially once you start digging into its interior. 

Inspections have traditionally been performed using two methods: dry and wet. But of the two, wet inspections are much more manageable and less expensive, thanks to underwater drones, proving once again how technological innovation can be a game changer even in fire water tank inspections.

How Is An Underwater Drone Used for Fire Water Tank Inspections?

Remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs, are drones now regarded as useful and valuable tools for inspecting water tanks. Here’s how an ROV works in fire water tank inspections:

1. It examines the sanitary condition of a water tank.

Aside from providing a live view of the tank’s external and internal parts, there are drones and other ROVs that have the ability to sweep or grab fallen objects, insects, or animals that can cause contamination. Furthermore, ROVs also inspect roofs, sidewalls, brackets, and pipes, and lastly, can record the congealing silts at the bottom of the tank.

2. Provides a thorough inspection of the tanks’ internal structural condition.

Because ROVs can check the entirety of the tank, they can highlight which parts have become rusty. ROVs can also locate cracks and leakings and check if bolts and rivets are closed to corrosion and leaks.

3. Significantly investigates the coating condition.

The ROV can record and document clear pieces of evidence of the coat’s condition. With this, it can be easily analyzed and estimated, and adhere to local laws about the coating’s condition.

Advantages of Using An Underwater Drone for Fire Water Tank Inspections

1. Minimize Time Required

It is such a relief that a water tank inspection can get the job done instantly, no matter how big it is. You don’t have to spend so much time like the traditional way. ROVs are easy to set up and quick to deploy. With less time spent, a fast and wide range of inspecting and cleaning are covered. 

2. Maximize Job Effectiveness

Undoubtedly, water drone inspections promote productivity without even needing too much manpower. You won’t hire a diver, just a pilot operating the drone, and they know what exactly to do! Moreover, you can skip the draining part. No more spending tons of time and effort.

3. Increase Employee Safety

With ROVs, you won’t need to risk anyone’s safety to any potential problems that might happen, like when you hire a diver. Plus, ROVs are typically lightweight and small, making it easier for handlers to transport them. It also gives the advantage of not spilling anything!

4. Detailed Documentation

ROVs are very useful when documenting detailed reports regarding the tank’s condition, externally or internally. Thus, it gives a clear and thorough investigation that will, later on, be very helpful in providing solutions. This provides the utmost professional services to clients. 

5. Ease of Sanitation

The ROV was designed with convenience in mind. Easy to sanitize and easy to operate. ROVs reduce the risk of contamination, unlike hiring divers. ROVs are made sure to be clean and sanitized with chemicals that can’t harm and change the water’s quality.

Without inspections, fire water tank storage will be prone to unwanted deterioration. With the help of technological innovation, owners are more encouraged to make it regularly. It gives you satisfaction, hassle-free!

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Firewater tanks are essential for firefighting. They are always on standby, ready to deliver water in an emergency. Which is why it is very essential that your company service provider will adhere to NFPA 25 Fire Water Storage Tank inspection requirements. By this, you can ensure that the services and the system are operating properly. 

Here at AM Tanks, we are licensed to operate and offer you Unmanned Aerial Vehicle tank inspection services that ensure efficiency and enhance safety while keeping up with today’s amazing innovation! As said, this is a game-changer! It holistically gives you more advantages, such as reaching the narrowest parts of your tank.

American Tanks ensures that fire water storage tank inspection comes in handy. We at AM Tanks also cover a wide range of services- inspecting potable water tanks and other types of tanks, tank cleaning, and tank refurbishments. Our standard inspection services include an industry-backed assessment. 

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