Understanding Tank Corrosion: Causes and Prevention

Corrosion is a common problem in all water tanks as they become prone to rust and decay due to the heavy long-term use of the structures. However, water tank corrosion is an issue that can be prevented and reduced so your structure can continue to function properly. In this article we will talk you through how to prevent water tank corrosion, so get ready to note down how to stop your structures from corroding.


Corrosion occurs when metal deteriorates as a result of a chemical reaction between the metal and its surroundings. It is a natural process that can cause severe damage to your water tank, resulting in a large expense to find a solution to the problem. All metals can corrode, especially if they lack a protective coating, resulting in the metal substrate of water tanks failing and the tanks no longer functioning properly. The type of metal as well as environmental conditions such as gases that come into contact with the metal can influence the form and rate of deterioration.

When most or all of the atoms on the same metal surface are oxidized, the entire surface is harmed. Most metals oxidize easily, meaning they lose electrons to oxygen (and other substances) in the air or water. Oxygen forms an oxide with the metal as it is reduced (gains electrons).


Water tanks, like the majority of metal-based structures, rust and decay after prolonged use. Even if you clean your water tank on a regular basis, micro-aquatic organisms and other bacteria can colonize it. If you notice any cracks, leaks, or cavities in your water retaining structure, your water tank will serve as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. If you notice that your metal substrate is deteriorating, corrosion is occurring inside your water-retaining structure and relining or refurbishment is required to bring your tank back to life.


Corrosion costs businesses a lot of money every year because they have to pay for water tank replacements or refurbishments because they didn’t notice corrosion in their water-retaining structures. Some businesses may also be victims of contaminated water, which can disrupt the operation of your water tank and affect whether or not your water can be used. To avoid these issues, it is critical to detect corrosion early so that it can be prevented as soon as possible.


There are several methods that can be used to prevent future corrosion inside your water-retaining structure. These methods, which include everything from replacing your water tank to relining your water retaining structure and refurbishments, can help you renew or replace your water tank so your business can keep running. All of the methods will involve the application of a protective coating to your structure’s internal surfaces. This coating inhibits the growth of bacteria, preventing corrosion and leaking and cracking in your tank.


Each method of prevention has its own advantages; however, we believe that relining and refurbishment are superior. Replacing your tank can be costly, and it will still need to be lined with a protective coating to provide adequate corrosion protection. Tank relining will provide a long-term effective solution by protecting the substrate of your tank, reducing the likelihood of bacteria such as legionella residing in your structure. So, if you’re looking for a low-cost solution, we recommend having your tank relined for long-term bacteria protection.

Keep an eye out for corrosion signs in your water-retaining structures. If you notice any signs of corrosion in your tanks, browse our tank relining and refurbishment services or contact us right away!

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