How to Choose the Right Inspection Services for Your Water Storage Tanks

What Are Some Water Storage Tank Inspection Options?

Regular tank inspections by qualified contractors are the most important type of water storage tank maintenance.

Because there are so many vessel designs with so many variables, no single water tank inspection process can cover them all.

Some or all of these inspection options are recommended depending on the tank design and materials, what the tank is used for, external and internal conditions, and the type of tank maintenance being provided to keep each unit corrosion-free.

1. Visual Inspections

Visual inspections of water storage tanks are the most fundamental of all inspections and can be performed on a regular and easy basis.

They entail simply performing a thorough visual inspection of the vessel’s exterior and interior.

Tanks are opened and the interior is inspected and recorded from the outside, with any corrosion and other damage noted and tank maintenance programs tailored to these visual findings.

Visual inspections are the least expensive to perform, but they are also the least definitive because they do not allow you to see the entire inside of the tank.

2. Washout or Dry Inspections

Washout or dry inspections are at the opposite end of the spectrum from basic visual inspections.

These water tank inspections entail taking the tank offline and shutting it down, draining all of the water, then cleaning the inside and removing any sediment from the bottom.

When the interior has dried out, a thorough inspection of the entire tank can be performed, noting any areas that require attention.

With the tank empty, now is an excellent time to perform any necessary water tank maintenance and repairs, as well as apply new protective coatings.

They should be performed every three years by a qualified contractor.

3. ROV Inspections

Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections provide a closer look than visual inspections, but not as close as draining and washing out the water storage tank.

This method involves driving a submersible camera around the tank to record imagery that can then be used to analyze the tank’s condition.

If issues are found, the tank can be drained and repaired.

4. Dive Inspections

Dive inspections are the most detailed of all the techniques used that do not require the vessel to be emptied.

Divers enter the tank to examine the interior up close during these water tank inspections.

Divers can also remove sediment from the tank’s bottom, which is an added bonus.

They are unable to make repairs or apply coatings, so the tank must still be emptied.

Get Water Storage Tanks Inspected The Right Way

The primary function of a water storage tank is to deliver safe potable water. Interior inspections will help you document and determine the condition of your water storage tank, allowing you to plan for long-term maintenance more effectively. Annual inspections of the water tank are required to maintain the sanitary, safety, structural, and coatings. Set a schedule, then determine when and what type of inspection you need, and how often you need it. This helps you monitor the tank’s condition.

Water storage tanks can be inspected in four ways: visually, remotely, by divers, and after draining and washing out the vessel.

Most tanks should be inspected for washout at least once every three years.

Between those times, remote and diver water tank inspections should be performed based on the tank engineer’s recommendations, with more frequent visual inspections.

Regardless, some of these methods, as well as complete draining and washouts, should be performed to keep up with storage tank maintenance and stay aware of interior conditions.

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