How AWWA is Influencing the Future of Panel Tank Inspection and Maintenance

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has played a major role in developing panel tank inspection and maintenance methods. As the world’s biggest organization of water experts, AWWA standards for water tank inspection provide its members with the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices in the water sector, including inspection and maintenance of panel tanks.

Water and wastewater industries rely heavily on AWWA standards and guidelines when designing, building, and maintaining panel tanks. These guidelines and standards serve as a roadmap for water and wastewater utilities, ensuring that panel tanks are constructed and maintained to the highest quality requirements. 

What is AWWA?

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is a professional association that serves as a resource and advocate for the water community. With over 50,000 members worldwide, the AWWA, founded in 1881, is the world’s largest organization of water experts.

The AWWA standards list aims to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to improve water quality and supply and to preserve human health and the environment. The group provides education and training, technical and operational support, and advocacy for appropriate local, state, and national water policies to achieve this purpose.

Members of the AWWA include water and wastewater utilities, government organizations, engineering firms, manufacturers, and others in the water business. The organization provides its members with access to research and technical information, instructional activities, and networking opportunities, among other services and resources.

How does AWWA influences the future of panel tank inspection and maintenance?

Panel tanks, in particular, are a type of water storage tank consisting of several panels bolted together. AWWA sets standards for the inspection and maintenance of these tanks to ensure that they are safe and reliable. This is where AWWA’s influence on the future of panel tank inspection and maintenance comes in.

By providing clear and concise standards and guidelines, AWWA ensures that these tanks are properly inspected and maintained. As part of the standards, you will find information regarding how often to inspect tanks, what types of inspections are necessary, and which issues need to be addressed during maintenance. This helps to ensure that any issues are detected and addressed promptly, reducing the risk of contamination or other issues that could impact the safety and reliability of the water supply.

Furthermore, AWWA offers panel tank building, maintenance, and renovation recommendations. Having a standard to adhere to ensures the tanks are built correctly and that any repairs or upgrades are done safely. This extends the lifespan of water tanks, reducing the need to replace them when they wear out. 

Benefits of Panel Tank Inspection and Maintenance

Panel tanks are a vital component of the water and wastewater infrastructure, and frequent inspection and maintenance of these structures are necessary to maintain their safe and effective operation. The following are some advantages of panel tank inspection and maintenance:

1. It Improves tank safety.

Regular panel tank inspections and maintenance aid in identifying and addressing any possible safety hazards, including structural damage, leaks, or corrosion, before they become significant issues. This ensures the safety of panel tanks for workers and the public and reduces the likelihood of accidents or breakdowns.

2. It extends the lifespan of panel tanks. 

Regular maintenance ensures panel tanks’ optimal functioning, preventing costly breakdowns and minimizing service interruptions. In addition, frequent inspections and maintenance improve panel tanks’ lifespan, saving money over time by decreasing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

3. It ensures a clean water supply. 

Panel tanks are crucial for potable, dependable water delivery to clients. Regular inspections and maintenance help to ensure that panel tanks are correctly working and that the water they hold is safe and of excellent quality.

4. It helps prevent environmental degradation.

Panel tanks are frequently positioned in environmentally sensitive regions near streams or protected lands. Regular inspections and maintenance aid in preventing environmental and wildlife-harming leaks and spills.

5. It eliminates the need for costly repairs. 

Regular inspections and maintenance of FRP panel tanks can aid in identifying and resolving issues before they become costly to repair. In addition, consistent maintenance extends the lifespan of panel tanks, saving money over time by decreasing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Do You Need FRP Panel Tank Inspection and Maintenance?

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is a major player in determining the direction of panel tank inspection standards. Water and wastewater experts can utilize AWWA’s abundant resources and knowledge to ensure that panel tanks are regularly examined and maintained.

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